The Ethi vision is for everyone to be empowered to be the best versions of themselves.

Sadly, we have seen this to be far from reality. There are many ailments in the world today, with many people still in poverty, and even people in the first world experiencing greater rates of mental illness than ever. The world - the environment, animals, and people are all showing signs that things are not right.

We aim to solve this through providing a shopping destination for beautiful fashion and lifestyle products made sustainably and ethically. 

The team at Ethi is passionate about promoting an ethical and sustainable lifestyle - when things are done right, there is far less impact on the environment, animals, and people. Ethi champions sustainable fashion and lifestyle as a movement back to empowerment, to truly feeling good about one's self, and to truly value what you possess.

All our brands and products must meet one or more of our EMPATHY values.

Our EMPATHY values stand for Environment, Material sustainability, People, Animal-free, Transparency, Handmade, and Your local. Find out more here