Sustainability at Our Core

Sustainability is at the core of EthiAccording to WWF, by 2030 we will need two Planet Earths to sustain human activity. The need for sustainability needs to start now – the great thing is that you’re probably aware of this already.

We’ve noticed that this insane fast fashion culture is wearing out, our wardrobes are bursting with crap clothes and we are over it. We call it the ‘wardrobe hangover’. And we all have the power to overcome this.

Ultimately, we want to provide positive impact on this world by empowering everyone to be their best selves. And we can start by choosing sustainable, to choose quality over quantity. Our best selves means that we are confident and proud of who we are, and that we are empowered to make responsible choices that benefit everyone.

Empowering Everyone to be Their Best Selves Through Fashion

Empowering Everyone to be Their Best Selves Through FashionFashion is powerful because it allows you to express yourself to the world without saying a word. It should be unique to you as a form of your individuality. Fashion should also be your sanctuary, something that makes you feel good, not because you want other people to feel good about you. 

At Ethi, we want everyone to take back their 'thunder' and be confident in themselves. Everyone has the power to take back control over what matters most to them, and not be influenced by the external world. We believe that fashion has contributed to the temptation to always dress for somebody else, when the clothes you wear should be yours, and yours only. 

Sustainable fashion is a movement back to empowerment, to truly feeling good about one's self, and to truly value what you possess. It is powerful because it is holistic; when you support sustainable fashion, you are potentially enabling the entire supply chain to function properly with value being passed onto the farmers, garment workers, the environment, and in turn, you. 

And besides, when you buy quality clothing that lasts, it actually physically feels great! 

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It Begins with EMPATHY

The clothing supply chain has become more complex than you can imagine. Whilst the focus on sustainable and ethical has really picked up pace, there is still so much to go in terms of 100% sustainable. Therefore, we need to be realistic and support designers and customers that are trying, but not perfect.

This applies to us too! Everyday we are learning more and we've learned that one key ingredient to achieving our goal is EMPATHY. There will be no progress if the customer cannot empathise with the underpaid garment maker about why buying fast fashion doesn't help either, or try and appreciate the monumental task that a designer faces to even gain transparency in their own supply chain. Empathy for people, the environment, animals, and each other. No judgement, just understanding.  

This is why we have our EMPATHY values to help you understand in what way that piece of clothing you are buying contributes to the cause of sustainability. Any label that joins our marketplace must meet at least one of our values, and we are super confident that in the future all 7 of our values will be met by a label! 

See more about our EMPATHY values. 

The Evolution of Ethi

Evolution of Ethi to sustainable and ethical fashionWe began with the aim to support local independent fashion labels. We provided them a channel where the spotlight was on them, and to help them overcome the vicious sales cycle through our reverse auction. The focus on independent fashion labels has not wavered but has since led to more discovery. The more we learn about the fashion industry, the more we learn about the immensity but also destructive nature upon this industry operates on. And yet so much opportunity exists for fashion to become sustainable and drive positive impact into the world.