Meet the Designer: Roni Cross of Kaliver

Meet the Designer: Roni Cross of Kaliver

In our 'Meet the Designer' series, Ethi managed to interview Roni Cross, the founder of Kaliver, one of Australia's hottest emerging designer labels having won the MBFWA Project NextGen last year. Kaliver has just released their SS18 collection 'Dune' which you can find on Ethi! 


A bit about Roni Cross

Do you have a favourite book? 

I have a few favourite books, but I really enjoy any books by Richard Branson; he inspires me to be great.

What music are you into? 

I actually have a horrible obsession with TRAP music.

Who is your fashion/design idol? 

Guillaume Henry (he is a GOD).

What does happiness look like for you?

Internal contempt, happiness comes from pure bliss and acceptance of one's self.

What is your spirit animal and why?

Probably a Lion, the king of the jungle, because I like to be in charge, and take control.


About Kaliver

Why and when did Kaliver start?

I started Kaliver under a different name in 2009, it became Kaliver in 2013. I started it because I listened to my true calling, I knew fashion was what I was meant to do in life.

Tell us a bit more about the label. Where do you get your design inspiration or philosophy from?

My designs just 'come' to me. I meditate a lot, so they often come to me in visions when I am in a lucid-like state.


You have a ‘Minimal Waste Moto’ - can you tell us more about this?

I am working with our loyal customers to create garments that are made specifically for them, they come to me, we measure them, and we make the custom-tailored garment for them. We are making clothes that the women want, and not making mass clothes in hope that consumers will buy them. We want to cut out Kaliver's environmental footprint, by making made-to-order garments, we are not producing excess waste.

Why should more high-end designer labels look into being more sustainable and ethical from a business point-of-view?

There is over 500 tonnes of clothing that's dumped into Australian wasteland from the Australian Fashion Industry annually, and we are a small market compared to the likes of USA, Asia, or Europe. Working towards zero waste should be a high priority for every brand or chain store out there. 

What do you see as the next big trend(s)? 

I honestly believe that we are moving away from the heavily-embellished garments, such as the Gucci's and the Dolce's, and we will circle back to the likes of Alexander Wang and Phillip Lim. I see minimalist, functional clothing coming back in force. 


What’s next for Kaliver?

You will have to follow us @_Kaliver on Instagram to find out.

Kaliver embodies the Environment, People, and Handmade values. Shop Kaliver here on Ethi

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