How To Look Amazing: Guilt Free & Vegan

How To Look Amazing: Guilt Free & Vegan

If you're vegan or vegetarian (like me) you probably find yourself constantly checking labels in the supermarket to see if the snack you're about to buy is in fact animal - free. 

The same goes for cosmetics, with the industry having a terrible track record of animal cruelty, harsh chemicals, and other questionable ingredients. We believe you should know what's in your products, so we've done all the research for you - no label checking necessary!

Here's our Cruelty Free & Natural picks - from base to brows:

Vegan Skin Perfector Liquid

TMF Vegan Make Up Ethi

AKA liquid gold. Infused with the goodness of camelia leaf and marigold extract this beautiful liquid foundation will also leave you smelling delicious. Grab it here

Flawless Mineral Bronzer

Developed for an easy, effortless and everyday sunkissed look, read more here


Australian Sandalwood & Mandarin Lip Balm

Australian sandalwood essential oil, sourced sustainably and ethically from indigenous people in the central desert regions of Western Australia. Get yours here


Vegan Lips

Organically certified and vegan ingredients boast a long lasting and stunning matte finish. See the range of colours here

Wildwood Essential Oils Perfume

Not technically a make up product, but a beautiful scent to finish off any look. Wildwood is a uniquely refreshing blend of cedarwood, lavender, bergamot, sweet orange and ylang-ylang.

Pure Brow Pencil

For quick, simple and oh-so effective brow definition. Available in three shades

Raw Kanvas Vegan Skincare Ethi

Raw Kanvas

The latest brand to join our vegan skincare cohort. Raw Kanvas is natural, cruelty free, and effective skincare for all skin types. Check it our here

Check out our entire Animal Free collection here


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