To a Future that's Ethi

To a Future that's Ethi

Akagu has gone through some incredible changes over the past couple of months to align ourselves with our vision of creating a healthier, safer, and cleaner world through a sustainable fashion industry. The final and perhaps most symbolic change we have embarked on is to change our name from “Akagu” to “Ethi”.

We’ve had an incredible journey as Akagu - we loved its uniqueness, that it was ‘Japanese-sounding’, that there were countless different pronunciations for Akagu, and that it was, To be self-indulgent, we want to share the ‘Akagu story’ one last time - we have been known as Akagu since near the beginning of our journey.

The name Akagu came from our developer Kriang, originally from our attempt at brainstorming birds that fit the description of unique, rare, beautiful, and luxurious. In a stroke of genius, Kriang was able to discover the ‘kagu’, which met the criteria through its flightlessness (unique), its status as an endangered species only found in New Caledonia (rare), and that it was pure white with a magnificent crest (beautiful and luxurious).

Akagu was able to fit our purpose and help us grow, but we felt that we’ve unfortunately outgrown it. With our refined focus, we felt that we needed a name that was more of an instant connection with what we’re trying to achieve whilst retaining its unique and catchy properties. We also wanted a name that was core - rudimentary yet fundamental to what and who we are.

So with some intense brainstorming sessions, the team came up with the name “Ethi” which is derived from “ethical”. We felt that being ethical is rudimentary yet fundamental not only for the fashion industry but just life in general. We feel that it is a versatile name that is simultaneously joyful yet stoic, young yet wise. We also felt that Ethi is just a flat-out cool name, and we wanted to be a brand that had both substance and style!

For those already connected with us, you won’t have to do anything. As a point of reference though, here are our updated accounts on our major channels:  







As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts on our name change! #vivalaakagu and #letsgetethi!

With gratitude, 

Team Ethi


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