5 Ways to Get Started with Sustainable Fashion

5 Ways to Get Started with Sustainable Fashion

Whether you’re looking to be a more conscious consumer, or you’ve realised how much money you’ve wasted on clothing you’ve only worn once or twice, you might be wondering how you can shop more sustainably.

The thought of never shopping at places like Zara and H&M again might seem daunting, but, these simple tips will show you that looking good does not have to cost you your wallet or the environment.


  • 1. Upcycle your clothes

  • Upcycling your clothes by turning something old into something new may sound simple to some people. However, based on data collected by YouGov Omnibus, 75% of Australians had thrown away clothes in the past year.

    Rather than throwing away that pair of old jeans, you could take out your DIY tools and turn it into a chic, new denim skirt. If this isn’t an option for some pieces, donating rather than sending your clothes to dumps is still the better way to go.

    <Indecisive use surplus fabrics to make their stunning collections>


  • 2. Buy from sustainable designers

  • Having a sustainable wardrobe definitely doesn’t mean you have to give up style. Many brands have strived to make sustainable fashion apart of their core image. At Ethi, not only can you be sure you’ll be supporting conscious brands, you can shop based on your values.

    For example, you can shop environmental brands that work towards reducing their carbon footprint or animal-free brands that harm no animals in their process. Australian swimwear brand Seapia uses reclaimed plastics in their production and works towards multiple different values.

    <Seapia uses ECONYL to make their swimwear, 100% regenerated plastics>


  • 3. Buy from thrift stores and charity shops

  • Though this isn’t for everyone, buying used clothes is definitely going to help with creating a more circular economy. It might take awhile to find those hidden gems, but when you do, you’ll know for sure that you’re saving your bank account whilst being more sustainable.


  • 4. Buy pieces you actually want

  • How many times have you bought an item that you’ve left in the back of your closet? Maybe there was a sale or it was trendy a year ago. We’ve all been guilty of this but being more conscious as you shop can help more than you think.

    This could mean buying pieces that you know will go with the rest of your closet. Often, buying trendy items will only last you a season and hence, looking for those timeless pieces will be worth it in the long run. Buying pieces you actually want could also just mean leaving an item in the cart for 24 hours to see how sure you are.


  • 5. Educate yourself on sustainable fashion

  • The last thing might not sound exactly like a tip but the more you know, the more you’ll be motivated to shop sustainably. Educating yourself doesn’t have to be boring. You could watch documentaries such as The True Cost or learn more about sustainable designers such as the ones from bon the Label or Elle Evans.

    Not only does fast fashion create a heap of textile waste, it also creates water pollution, uses toxic chemicals and often has terrible working conditions. You have the power to make sustainable fashion the future with where you choose to spend your dollar!

    <Mandatory viewing: The True Cost>


    This article was written by Ethi contributor, Laura Tien. She is currently studying Media and is passionate about conscious living. Always on the pulse of the latest news and keen to share her advice and tips on living more sustainably, Laura is also the first to admit that she is also still learning and growing. Follow her journey at Ethi. 


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